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Pure Hydration

Main Mixer Self-Contained with Twist Head 1 Micron

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Installation only available in Auckland region.

The Pure Hydration Self Contained GAC/Phosphate system uses Micro Filtration Technology to reduce elements in your drinking water. With 3 levels of filtration, it filters out sediment down to 1 micron* as well as filtering out bad taste, odour, chlorine and scale build up. Leaving you with healthy, great tasting, clean, safe and pure water.

Valve-in-head Technology
Pure Hydration has the valve-in-head technology, which means the cartridge can be quickly and easily changed without having to turn off the water supply.

Media used in the filter 
This Filter contains Phosphate and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

No Extra Tap Required - Fits Any Standard Mixer Tap
This Filter can be used with your existing mixer tap and installs right under your kitchen bench. This unit can be installed vertically or horizontally, so it won’t clutter up your cupboard.

Filter life span
Each filter has a life span of 12 Months (yearly)
The filter can be sent out to you or you can book in an appointment to have a Pure Hydration Tech to do this for you along with a complementary service.