All of our teams at Pure Hydration Ltd are equipped with world class technology, training and support to ensure that the systems in operation are achieving nothing short of high tier results. We start any project with a multistage discovery, gathering all the relevant information and requirements to design and manufacture to detail, using AutoCad for plant design and flow control, every step of the process is thought through and accounted for in detail.

Pure Hydration offers a complementary range of services and support to both residential and commercial industries. We are in a great position to support, upgrade and service most water treatment solutions. If you’re looking for a new service agent, or supplier, be sure to speak to the professionals at Pure Hydration.

Residential Filtration

Rural or Domestic water filtration work we cover is for any homeowner who consumes or uses water in their home. We offer a fairly large variety of in-home solutions to suit your needs and requirements.
Whether you’re just looking for something simple and affordable or wanting Ultra-Pure Water we can accommodate and certainly offer fantastic options.
We don't just supply Under Sink Systems, we supply and install Whole Home Systems that also include Whole Home Carbon, Water Softeners, UV Sterilizers and Reverse Osmosis systems if you’re after it. Only using leading manufacturing brands, we stand by the quality of our systems 100%. Using quality products means you’re given that piece of mind and confidence you need.

Bores / Well Servicing

Pure Hydration is set up and equipped with the tools and knowledge to service and install bore pumps at any depth. With our crane truck, we’re able to pull up old Galv pipe and replace or install new Galv pipe back into your bore.

We look after the whole process after a new bore/well has been drilled, from retrieving a water analysis, recording the drawdown, placing a bore pump and control unit and plumbing it up to either to on-demand use or to storage. We also offer Water Treatment solutions for any application.

Pure Hydration prides itself on the exceptional knowledge and experience with bore water treatment, with achieving some huge successes of removing iron up to 48ppm Iron, Zinc, Arsenic, Manganese and water hardness. We can confidently say we are your only choice for a well designed, high quality system that works!

Community Water Supply

Providing Safe, Quality drinking water to others is a huge responsibility and cannot be taken lightly. Ensuring you have a system that at minimum meets Drinking Water Guidelines, and is supplied continuously without consistent shutdowns, wavering quality and pressure is a hard task.
Not having onsite treatment staff can also make this even harder to accomplish. That is where we come in, we can help you navigate and accomplish this minefield of responsibility by guiding you through a well designed and robust system, maintenance and monitoring to minimis that risk for you.

Industrial, Food & Beverage

The development of Servicing and new sinstallations for the Food, Beverage and Industrial sectors, have come with great success. We understand down time costs money. Knowing you need exceptional servicng, trust of product and reliability. Working with businesses like Bluescope, Delmaine Foods, Pacific Steel, Multiple Water Bottling Companies, Gallagher Engineering , Northland DHB, Altus, Breweries, the Auckland Council and many more. We can most definitely say we carry a strong desire to meet expectations and deliver exceptional products. With growing expertise and technology, our team will have an economical solution for your requirements.

Water Supplier Solutions:Taumata Arowai

With the new legislation change of “Water Services Act”. We have found the following questions to be the most asked for water supplier requirements.

Who is a water supplier?
What are the acceptable water solutions?
When does our water have to be compliant?
How do we write a water safety plan?
Who do we go to, to upgrade our water treatment system?

We understand the difficulty of navigating this new change, this is why Pure Hydration has been keeping up to date with the latest drafts and releases of requirements for acceptable solutions for all sources of water.

We are equipped to consult with you, provide an ‘acceptable solution’, Installation, Registration of your supply and provide a comprehensive water safety plan specific to your new acceptable water supply. For all new water suppliers, we are here to take that stress off your shoulders and guide you through each step.

Support, Service & Maintenance

Pure Hydration is dedicated to providing the highest-quality of aftermarket support, service and maintenance. From providing operator training, periodic system inspections, lab testing, chemical services, and more, it's our goal that your investment meets your long-term treatment objectives. Working intensive work loads during shutdowns, quick turn arounds with fantasic results. Taking pride in the quality of service we provide, you'll grow to rely on.