Auckland’s leading provider of premium water filtration systems

Pure Hydration Ltd was founded on the general love, fascination and respect for WATER. Pure Hydration's initial aim was to provide a healthy alternative to home users for consumed water.
In 2017, the company went public providing point of use solutions directly to home users, growing with the market and public acceptance of the brand, Pure Hydration Ltd grew from strength to strength with a large portfolio of clients organically, along with acquisitions of multiple businesses in and around Auckland.

Pure Hydration also has a division that focuses on Rural Water Supply, dealing directly with Farmers, Agriculture Managers and home owners which require the following services: Bore/Well servicing, water treatment, UV & filters, tank and pump installations and general irrigation installations.

Experience the difference

During this process, the demand for Safe, treated water and water supply has increased dramatically. We have developed our treatment processes and programmable controls for entrance into the Commercial and Industrial market. With warm acceptance to the services and systems we provide, we found there was a big place for us in the market and are consistently competing on a platform with the largest Water Suppliers in New Zealand.
Now, Working alongside some of the biggest brands in New Zealand, providing expertise with not only Food and beverage, but Fabrication, Agriculture, Irrigation, Medical, Community Water Supply & Supplier water aimed around the Taumata Arowai Legislation, along with a wide range of other industries.
Pure Hydration has been built to provide Safe, Quality water solutions to our customers, and has done just that. At our core values we adopt and encourage proactive solutions and processes. We believe a healthy work environment based upon enthusiasm and patience should be nurtured and grown, positive results will be yielded from that. Taking pride with all of our work, we aim to continue our growth and add many more excitable, and experienced people to our family and further encourage industry standards to rise. We’re here to help fulfill your requirements and to do it with full dedication, detail and quality.

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