Rural / Bore Water Treatment

Bore/well pump maintenance & installations contribute to a large portion of our workload for our Rural team. The saying goes, if it looks difficult don’t attempt to do it yourself! We all love DIY, but with water It can cost far more to fix a mistake than it is to just have the right people do it for you from the start.

Our Rural team is equipped and trained to perform at a high professional skill of communication and tool handling. We want to impress you with our technical understanding and follow through with a smile and a handshake.

Regular training, updates on improved methods and allowing for our team to be technically practical are how we achieve some pretty significant projects. A positive outcome is our only option, so apart from great staffing we only use exceptional products. Grundfos being our choice for Pumps and control ensures quality of material is never compromised.

A lot of people have old or deeps bore that haven't been running in years and have no idea of how deep their bore is. We have the equipment and knowledge to get that information for you. With our Drawn down prob and camera we can measure the depth of your bore, where your water levels are setting, calculate your maximum water draw and identify the health of your casing in the bore.

Rural / Bore Water Treatment Services

Services we provide for rural users are:

  • Install new bore pumps, providing a variety of speeds, flow rates & Control panels to meet your budget
  • Pull up bore pumps and perform scheduled maintenance and service work onsite
  • Bore / Well disinfection
  • Drawdown tests, Bore depth measuring, Bore casing health check
  • Pulling up and setting Galvanised Pipeto any depth, using our Crane Truck or Tripod for hard to get places.
  • Bore Probs and sensors
  • Replacing old Galvanised or MDPE pipe in the bore/well
  • Plumbing your bore to On-demand Use or to storage
  • Water treatment for Iron, Manganese, Hardness, PH Variation, Arsenic, Zinc, Silica, etc.

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