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Pure Hydration

Twin UnderSink Water Filter - Nitrate/Fluoride Reduction & GAC-KDF

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Installation Required

Installation only available in Auckland region.

The Pure Hydration Twin Unit system uses Micro Filtration Technology to reduce elements in your drinking water. With 2 levels of filtration, it filters out sediment down to 5 micron* as well as filtering out / reducing bad taste, odour, chlorine, heavy metals and chemicals such as Nitrates and Fluoride. Leaving you with healthy, great tasting, clean, safe and pure water.

Unit Material 
Pure Hydration has the extra-ribbon technology on the housings for added strength, along with being PBA free

Media used in the filter 
First Stage: 5* Micron nitrate/fluoride specific cartridge
Second Stage: 5* Micron Granular Activated Carbon & KDF (GAC) for your reduction on heavy metals, bad taste, odour, chlorine and chemicals.

Tap Required - Fitted on any counter or kitchen top 
This Filter comes with our platinum tap, stylish in design, robust and Zinc Free.

Filter life span

Each filter has a life span of 12 Months (yearly)
The filter can be sent out to you or you can book in an appointment to have a Pure Hydration Tech to do this for you along with a complementary service.
*Specifications on the Product labels may not be accurate*
Nitrate/Fluoride Cartridge is NOT made from activated aluminium media


Micron Rating: 5 Micron*
Replacement Cartridge(s)
Stage 1 filtration: 5 Micron Nitrate/Floride Cartridge
Stage 2 filtration: 5 Micron GAC&KDF Cartridge

Maximum Flow Rate: 10 Lpm
Maximum Temperature: 30°C
Maximum Pressure: 500 kPa
Connection: ½” BSP [15 mm] inlet and outlet
Quick Connect Tap Hole - 1 2.5 mm diameter

2 metres of 1/4" Tubing
Platinum Tap W/ Quick connect fittings
1 Micron Polyspun
0.5 Micron Pressed Granular cartridge
Pressure Limiting Valve
Filter Bracket
20mm Take off valve

Length: 280mm
Height: 330mm
Width: 145mm

3 years^
Important Note: ^ Warranty is 1 year parts and labour, plus 2 years parts only. Only Use only genuine Pure Hydration replacement cartridge. *Micron Rating is nominal. Pressure Limiting Valve must be Used Prior to Twin Unit*